Leadership Certification Program

The LCP is a co-curricular program designed to develop, support and celebrate outstanding student leaders and to prepare them for professional leadership positions.


The Leadership Certification Program develops awareness, understanding and application of various leadership theories and practices in environments that support leaders with a wide variety of individual interests.

The program will:

Participation at all levels of the Leadership Certification Program is self-paced. Students who have achieved one milestone or more and who have submitted appropriate documentation by May 15th are recognized at the spring Leadership & Activities Awards.

Get Started Today!

  1. Download the introductory letter

  2. Sign up as a participant so we can send you periodic updates about the program

  3. Review the requirements and download the portfolio templates below (for Word document options please email us)

  4. Submit completed portfolio to leadership@sa.ucsb.edu

Level 1

The Level 1 Certificate is an effective introduction to basic leadership competencies that is accessible to freshmen, transfer students and continuing students by design. Students who complete the LCP Level 1 Certificate are encouraged to pursue the Level 2 and Level 3 Certificates.

Level 1 Requirements (Download templates for Level 1)

  1. Sign up as a participant
  2. Participation in at least one student organization (5+ contact hours)
  3. Interview a student or professional leader
  4. Completion of 15 hours of approved community service
  5. Participation in The Leadership Challenge Workshop(R) at UCSB
  6. Completion of Statement of Purpose
  7. Submission of LCP Level 1

Level 2

The Level 2 Certificate is an outstanding accomplishment that demonstrates dedication, achievement orientation and community awareness. Level 2 Certified students have significant working knowledge of leadership theories and practices proven to yield measurable results.

Level 2 Requirements (Download templates for Level 2)

Level 1 Requirements, plus:

  1. Completion of Education 173 - Intro to Leadership Development
  2. Participation in 3 approved workshops
  3. Completion of 15 additional hours of approved community service (30 hours total)
  4. Service for 3 quarters in an approved collegiate leadership position
  5. Submission of LCP Level 2

Level 3

Students who demonstrate extraordinary commitment to leadership development and who serve people extensively through leadership positions and community service throughout their UCSB careers are honored personally for their contributions at the Gaucho Leaders Banquet in the spring.

Level 3 Requirements (Download templates for Level 3)

Level 2 Requirements, plus:

  1. Completion of 20 additional hours of approved community service (50 hours total)
  2. Service for 3 additional quarters in an approved collegiate leadership position (6 quarters total)
  3. Request formal feedback from a colleague
  4. Interview a professional leader
  5. Update your statement of purpose
  6. Submission of completed LCP

Additional Resources

Volunteer Opportunities
Two excellent sources of local volunteer opportunities in the Santa Barbara area are available online.